Which tool is suit for me?

I want to select a tool between gscraper and scrapebox to scrape links for GSA, Which one is better for gsa? Thanks.


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    I prefer to do this manually by hand, you should try that.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp
    Do it manually by hand? Can you detail more? Do you do it with ahref? Or others, How to do it manually? Thanks
  • NetMajomNetMajom https://buywebgraphic.com | skype: nszmmp
    Accepted Answer
    I prefer GScraper. Working very well with proxyscraper, and very fast. The scrapebox very slow, freezing, full of bugs and dont like public proxies...

    Some months ago, i buy first scrapebox, but was useless, and make a refund request. they dont want to give me back my money (they have no trial), so i report to paypal. The paypal give me back my money, after that i buy gscraper, and its awesome!

    So my advice, that buy gscraper, its a very great tool
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    dont get gscraper proxies. They suck.

    I remember the free 7 day proxies, i had 129 gb of urls. Then when i ordered a month later it was nowhere near that.

    I had the service for 2 months, forgot to cancel. I even tried a different vps

    Bait and switch. 
  • mikey08

    I also often forgot to cancel some service. I have bought SB. Thanks for you answer.
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