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Can YouTube Videos Be De-Indexed?

Are YouTube videos subject to the same spam & algo filters as any other website? Has anyone experienced videos being removed from Google search results for blasting keywords?


  • Since they are on such a high DA site you should be able to blast them pretty well. BUT with this said it is also good to balance out with some social signals to make it look more natural. I blasted a video with tons of links and social signals and it immediately ranked number one for a ton of phrases. I feel I should have stopped at that point but instead I wanted to push upper limit. 

    Video dropped majorly in rankings all of a sudden but I did pay to have 10 fake comments (sounded pretty fake too) put on it and to have 300 people like it (which they did all at one time) and even paid for 7k views. 

    Not sure which unnatural thing ended up dropping the video OR if a competitor maybe got pissed that I outranked all their videos so quickly and reported the video. Still figuring it out. 
  • fake comments, 300 likes at the same time, 7k fake views. All of those are likely to get your video booted, especially since the fake views only watch 0.005 seconds of the video- youtube knowns about retention rate lol

  • @big-JP links schema did you use with gsa-ser please? what indexing service are you using please?
  • It wont be de-indexed, it will be deleted.
  • feukimfeukim Singapore
    @andrzejek, yeah agreed with you.
    why google must deindexed his inner page? no need to deindex if delete can fix,
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