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Regarding Captcha Settings

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I am using Deathbycaptcha aa paid option means if failed by breaker , will be send to deathbycaptcha,

it is showing skip by settings
recaptcha skip by settings ..
v bulletin skip by settings

Actually when i use paid captcha , i usually get 98 % success .. Now it was showing 55 % donlt know wht it hasnot solved captchas using deathbycaptcha ... when i have tick that option ...

And when we use paid captcha service , we should tick that option try to solve unknown captcha, is that means breaker will try tol solve recapcha before sending to paid captcha service


  • I think changed in update ,, as i have used 4 days ago was solving then success rate was 99 % , now i check 2300 solved out of 3300 as i havent done above settings .. 4 days ago that can 3200 /3300 ..
    Thanks for this .
    What this means send only marked types (use pop menu at form )
  • edited January 2013
    There are Few captcha types that are not tick , you tick all ?? have done same setting like yours and it has shown article script , skipped by settings ..

    Do you import user shared captchas ? or they automatically comes in update? let me know if you do , how to do that and any other settings you are getting good success rate let me know

    ANd It is posting on same site more then once , project has been running for 5,6 days, now i check it has submit article 5 times in 1 site .. I have tick that option don't post in same domain twice but sometime i delete target url history it can be because of that ?
    But last time i haven;t done that but it has posted ...
    Let me know settings in gsa also
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