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Wicked Article Creator - Is it worth using?

Has anyone tested out wicked article creator? I'm considering it specifically for tier 2 links.


  • spikedealerspikedealer United States
    You could try it if you want, as it has a money back guarantee. However, there is a similar product of it which is SEO Content Machine. Try taking your time to compare both of them, especially honest customer reviews or testimonials.
  • Hi @moobs  I use WAC. I would give it a 'meh' rating. Not good, not bad, just like any other automation tool it depends how you use it. I think you will be ok for tier 2, but you have to sift through the content it scrapes. Good luck.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I did end up getting WAC premium. From what I've seen so far I think it's going to work out fine to create tier 2 articles using its tier 1 setting.

    I can knock out quality articles in no time so I still prefer writing my own T1 stuff for my PBN.
  • spikedealerspikedealer United States
    I'm happy that you have finally made up your decision in trying WAC premium. I'm sure that it's going to work for you in the end. For tier 2 articles, I think this one is a good choice. Good luck and I hope your campaigns there are going to be successful.
  • Honeybee918zHoneybee918z 607 8th Avenue Youngstown
    Check it out it work best in this regard, you will not regret working with it. It is actually not bad and as spikedealer stated it comes with the money back guarantee so if you did not like that then you can have your money back.
  • I'm using WAC premium. Works great for me. You can use it too. But SEO content machine is best for GSA I think.
  • I hate kontent machine. 
  • @mikey08 why you hate contact machine ? contant machine is the best in SER.. if you are using SER, then the SER is also has a article spinner (content machine..) 
  • I am using Wicked Article creator since 2 year... 
  • SEOCM as known as SEO content machine is the best.

    If you want dull support with lack of contents (you can't scrape smaller niches on WAC) go for it.

    WAC comes with their own spinner. Thats good better than SCM.

    But SCM always number 1
  • @davidlang I don't know SCM ..  
    please give me the web link...  >:)
  • hello..
    i dont know why my WAC 95% always stuck

     "running scraping threads"

    i dont use proxy..,

    need help

  • u need kontent machine
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    Hey guys, I thought I'd chime back in here since it's been a few months since starting this thread. When the WAC servers went down for over a week recently I ended up picking up a lifetime licence of Kontent Machine and I haven't look back.

    The WAC outage was probably the best thing that could have happened for my SEO efforts. There's really a night and day difference between the quality and results between both programs.

    Comparing WAC to Kontent Machine is like comparing MS Paint to Photoshop.
  • but kontent machine 220usd++ right?

    any recommendd article scraper software like wac or kontent machine but with low budjet?

    thank you
  • You can try Seo Content Machine for a couple of days free of charge. You may able to whip together a couple of full campaign with it. After the trial period you can use it with a monthly subscription plan.

    Otherwise wac was the cheapest and for a reason they asked that much for it. You may have a look at Scrapebox Article Scraper plugin but don't expect too much from it. It's $20 and for that it's awesome.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @moobs hopefully you didn't go with WAC. I hardly use it until now, but really it cheaper than others, support is not good. And I heard that their web was down and until now I don't get any response from them prior my logon issue after upgraded to latest version
  • I personally use Kontent Machine and its really good.
  • WAC has one of the highest affiliate payouts right now, its insane i think you can get 80% comission. That because the product is terrible though.
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