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How Hard Do You Go on Tier 2 and Tier 3?

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I currently have a keyword stuck on #6 on page one for the past 2 weeks and have been using GSA everyday without much movement.  Currently my link ratio for tier 2 to tier 1 is about 2.5 : 1 as I've been running GSA max.

How hard do you guys hammer your tier 1 links?  I'm thinking of throttling it up and only running tier 2 and tier 3 projects and importing about 20k target urls from my verified lists manually to jack up the tier 2 links.


  • ronron

    I try to be at 10:1 on each progressive tier - just my approach. They can take a ton of links...everything you can give.

    I guarantee you if you increase tier2 to 5:1 to 10:1, you will get unstuck. You are admirably conservative, but you really need more linkbuilding on tier2. Remember, for the most part, most of what we build for lower tiers is crap - so many of those links will just disappear from all radars over time. So you just need a lot more.

  • so what is tier 2?

    tier one? free blogs with unique content?

    tier 2 is spintax articles or what?
  • @ron.  thanks good tips, i find GSA builds rates for tier two same rate as tier 1 even if I use the scheduler and limit the daily links of tier1 maybe I just dont find enough targets.  do you find the same thing? i'll have to turn off tier 1 to really get tier 2 going.

    @thisisalex tier2 is links pointing to your tier1 links which are links directy to your money site.  i use GSA for tier 1 as well.  All content I use is generate from kontent machine.
  • sonic81, what is your tier 1 then? I would not blast any crap SPAM immage or blog comments to my monysites..
  • ronron

    @thisisalex - Please read:

    I make my Tier 1 article type links with contextual anchors - article, social network and web2.0. But you can do whatever you wish.

  • Image and blog comments ARE NOT TIERS.
  • This is the part I'm still not clear but I have picked a simple model and go on with my projects.

    @ron You said "I try to be at 10:1 on each progressive tier."

    Does that mean if you have 200 links per day to money site (tier 1), you just setup another project linking to the first tier, which generates 2000 links per day?

    That is what I do so far, although more and more, newer links got fewer lower tiered links the longer you run the project.
  • ronron

    Yes, you summed it up correctly.

    It's just a ratio, my own number. You can do whatever you want. You can set tier2 to unlimited and build 30,000 links per day - or more. As you noted, most of those links are going to disappear with time, so the more the merrier.

    Older sites can handle more obviously. I just try to manage a newer site with some parameters. It not like "Oh great, a new site, lets blast it with a zillion links". Then you end up in a ditch.

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