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What proxies services do you use for Gscraper?



  • @satyr85 and other Gscraper users, the current Gscraper - is working for you guys?

    Version is not scraping anything for me.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @jpvr90 All we can do is just keep sending in support requests till they fix it. GScraper is still totally ignoring some proxies on certain ports. They test fine but don't scrape in GScraper. But use one of those proxies in your browser and they can search and get results from Google with no problems.
  • jpvr90 
    Yes is working fine on my side but some proxies wont work for Gscraper.

    Testing in browser and harvesting using scraper are 2 different things in my opinion. For example some proxies will work in browser and Gscraper but SB wont be able to harvest using these proxies.

    From my experience - Bunch of HQ proxies:
    Hrefer - not working ( 0 lpm).
    SB - working but getting banned fast.
    Gscraper - nice stable lpm.

    Ofc proxies are working via browser so why i see different results on different harvesters? Why some harvesters give good results, and others dont with same proxies?

    Every harvester on market use different harvesting technique (and is coded in different way). Thats cause of differences. Gscraper ignore some proxies - yes thats true but maybe current harvestng technique dont support some proxies.

    When it comes to testing in browser - via browser google see your browser plugins etc and you get results. Query to google using same proxy and harvester (not real browser) can give 0 results because you are detected as bot so "proxy is working in browser" mean only google dont see you (proxy + browser combination) as bot. Bad proxy or suspicious browser and you wont get results. Thats how it work.
  • @satyr85 @Trevor_Badura

    Really strange because the proxies I use have always worked in Gscraper.

    The proxies I use work on version but not on the latest update version.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

  • jpvr90 
    I probably know what proxies you have in mind. These proxies worked till 1.3.0.X version.
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