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Email server offer tuned for GSA SER - Sell

bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
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We offer an email server package for GSA SER. 

This email server plan has a catch-all email account that get any emails to any aliases. For instance, imagine you setup 10 aliases in GSA SER like "myalias@yourdomain.ext,another@yourdomain.ext,another3@yourdomain.ext", all emails sent to those 3 emails will be routed to the master email account. Thus, you can quickly create any email alises in GSA SER. 

Link to the email server setup:

Seomail10 - basic email server offer:
The price for this subscription is $8/month but with the "GSAFORUM4" promo code you will get a recurring 15% discount. (Total for you: $6.80 USD per month). This offer is valid until the 31st of august 2015.
  • GSA SER friendly
  • 10 domains
  • Catch-all email account
  • 10 forwarders (in case)
  • 1Gb/month bandwith
  • 500mb storage space
  • Brute force attack protection
  • Access to DNS zones for your domains. 
Discover our offers here: ( operated by k i t i h o s t )

  • please note that we limit the number of daily outgoing emails to 200 per day to keep away spammers.
  • After posting many email addresses, some people try to hack your email address. That's why we have a protection against brute force attacks. If you have a static IP, let us know for us to add it to our white list. 
  • It is always possible to use non-encrypted  connections for emails but we strongly recommend to stay under the radar and use pop3s & sstmp


  • important announcement: 

    To make the pricing simpler, we have decided to lower our price to $5 / month & deactivate our promo code GSAFORUM4. 

    Some other details about the offer:
    • Instant access to your account after first payment. Automated account creation.(except if something goes wrong and in this case, someone will create it). 
    • Connection through pop3 with ssl (fly under the radar if from you have your GSA from home)
    • as many Aliases as you want
    • If you register a domain with us, it is automatically configure to point to our nameservers. 
    • Domain price per year: .com = $12 .info=$12 .link $11 .org $14
    • ID protection to hide your personal details in Whois: $4 / per year
    • Access to webmail for monitoring  

    Live server status:

  • How does it work?

    When you subscribe your first master email account is setup with the domain that you have chosen. In GSA SER, on the email verification pane, you can create as many lines as you want with any email aliases that you wish. The master account will be your catch-all email account and will get all emails with an alias as recipient. 

    Consequently, you only need to setup one master email account per domain. Using an email server like ours, you will be able to often change your email accounts. It is great to prevent your email accounts being blocked or allow new forum profiles. (Btw, even if you activated the re-post feature from GSA SER, it will not work if you try to post twice from the same email account). 

    No complicated price plan, no promo code, It is $5 / month.

  • Just bought your service to test
    Just a question: Is there a limit to pop3 simultaneous connections? (or how many threads on GSA I can use)
    Just to be sure I won't be banned hehe

    Thanks in advance
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