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Adding Tagging and URLs

The scrapper now only able to tag Google, Ebay, we cannot add tags to it. For example I want to test against Facebook and I add a tag Facebook.


  • SvenSven
    You have to add this to the facebook test itself. Double click on it-> and in tags you can define the same as in the success-message.
  • So I just need to click on the test button and select the facebook checkbox, then it will auto test for Facebook passed proxies?

    Then, it start scraping for proxies that passed Facebook and i tag them as Facebook? 
  • SvenSven

    well you can test proxies against facebook only if you just test with that only (no other tests). But this will tag all procies as not working if they are just banned on facebook but work everywhere else.

    If you want to test a proxy in addition to be working on facebook and see it is working there as a TAG, you will do the following:

    1. In options -> settings you add a TAG by clicking on one unused one like "Verify". Then you enter the Name Facebook

    2. In Options-> Automatic Search->you doube click on FaceBook and copy the line in "Successfully tested when" (in this case alt="facebook") in the "Set Tag "Facebook" if String was found"

    All further tests for your FaceBook will tag a proxy as such.

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