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Beta Access - Hide Your Money Links From Bots & Competitors

Hey Guys, 

I will keep the sales page for the main launch. For now here is a quick summary : 

What it is 
  • A service to hide Your Link Profile From Bots & Competitors
  • Once you mask your links using this service, your backlinks will NOT appear in any link tools like Ahrefs/moz etc. 
  • For Google/bing everything will be 100% normal.
  • Its a cloud bases tool, you don't need hosting or anything else.
  • you will have total control over the masking, including the domain name used.
Why beta ? 

This is an old stable product being used privately by us and few other agencies , Now I am opening it for public and seeking feedback before the general release. 

20 Beta users will have 6 months of free service, for rest 1 month free.  The invitation form will be closed on Monday.  

Post here of PM with any questions. 
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