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GSA & PBN Project Best Practices For T2 & T3?

I'm new to GSA, I'm still in the process of learning as much about everything as possible before starting my first project. I've read a bunch of great stuff here, but I haven't really come across much updated (2015) information on where to focus submissions for specific tiers.

I am planning to use my PBN for tier 1 and GSA to drip tier 2 & 3 links. Pretty standard stuff, but what I'm having trouble finding is information on where to submit tier 2 articles and links and tier 3 links from the list of submission platforms (articles, blog comments, directories, etc). From what I've found so far there are definitely some submission platforms that should not be used for T2 and some that would be a waste of time. 

I'm trying to build solid link profiles for long term projects that will hopefully be around for a while if done correctly.

I've only been getting little tips here and there such as comments and guestbooks should only be used for tier 3.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a comprehensive guide that specifically focuses on tiered project structures, and is still relevant today it would be much appreciated. As of right now I'm still unclear on where to submit spun articles and links for t2 and where to focus resources for t3.

Note: I do have loopline's bluebox list of verified sites setup w/ my GSA 

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    Honestly, i think this day in age contextual is king. Youre going to really have to do some research on this, most people wont tell you exactly what to do, because nobody told us what to do. Lots of good tutorials out there to use as a starting off platform.


  • Hi @moobs

    Research is a very good thing to do, but don't try to overthink things. It is not possible to engineer a perfect link profile for Google. A natural profile would likely include some of everything without too much of one thing, if that makes sense.

    Tiering is a proven strategy. Relevance is too. The rest you have to figure out for your specific niche.

    From my experience, what has made a significant impact on my success; good private proxies changed out monthly or sooner, FCS Networker for building good Tier 1's, and a good indexing service.

    Personally, I only think about Tier 1 + 2. Tier 3 is churn and burn for me as it is all about volume and less about relevance.

    Good luck.
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