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Option to use NonBlockMode with sockets which should speed up submission a lot.

I see this new option is in beta

Not sure i understand what it does.

I typically use proxies from folks like

Does this feature work with proxies from places like that?



  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Doesn't look like it has anything to do with proxies, I'm sure it's related to how the program uses sockets for multi-threading. Maybe @Sven can give us a little info.
  • SvenSven
    Well it's a way how SER communicate with the windows tcp/ip stack. Nonblock mode is obviously faster but can cause trouble if not coded correctly. I am using this already in other programs from us but SER is way to complex to mark all tests as successful. Anyway I have not seen any issues on my end with this so far.
  • looplineloopline
    edited August 2015
    I think the concept that Sven is after here, in simple terms is that when you "talk" to tcp/ip with regular sockets and a socket is just "hanging out" waiting for a response from the end server - like if your trying to load a page to submit a link to - then the the system will return a response that equates to "you have to either wait until the connection completes or until there is an error". 

    There is a function of Time Wait where after like 4 mins the system will force close the connection, more or less.  Im no expert but I grasp the concept. 

    So the point being if you used non-blocking sockets and you want a timeout of 30 seconds, SER would be able to kill the connection at 30 seconds and force the connection to close. 

    So if you think in scale, and you have 400 connections (just picked a random number) and at any give time using blocking sockets, you might have 150 of them setting around (also just picked a number) doing jack squat being forced to wait for a response or an error, but having exceeded a reasonable timeout, thats a lot of dead time and lower links per minute. 

    So my take on the non blocking option is that it would allow those socktes that are "hung" to be force closed and thus speed things up, potentially dramatically, depending on the list you happen to be submitting to.  More speed with the same resources is of course a great thing. 

    Im going to test it out on some of my servers and see what happens.  Thanks Sven!

    Hers is some info as an example and google can yield more:
  • Before using this setting I would normally see around 200LpM, but with it enabled I'm seeing around 260LpM. Looking good so far :)
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