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[Bug] urls getting posted twice inside spun anchors

edited January 2013 in Need Help
hi just noticed on a batch of new project I did while testing spun output in Test mode I get this randomly:

<a href=""><a href="">keyword1 keyword2</a> keyword3 keyword4</a>

should be:

<a href="">keyword1 keyword2 keyword3

Tried copying in different spun keywords and still get it, happens on 6 new projects I made.


  • in fact just checked an old project and it's doing the same on that.
  • Created a new project and seems ok with same link, my previous ones were duplicated copies of each other so something must have passed through.

    I can send a project if you want to take a look at it.
  • Ok I can reproduce it now:

    make a project with:


    Anchors: {google1|google2}


    <a href="">{google1|google2}</a>

    Then go to test:

    <a href=""><a href="">google2</a></a>

    Then change the anchors in Article to:

    <a href="">{bing1|bing2}</a>

    Then test and everything is fine.  Seems if we have the same anchors used inside Article as we do in the anchor section then this happens randomly.

    The same issue happens if you do this in the keywords section with use Keywords as anchors.

    If we hardcode the anchors in Article do we not need to use the anchors field at all?  I wasn't sure if some sites needed both so that's why I've always used both.

  • Just did another test with just a single keyword without being spun and does the same.

    So just put

    anchor: google

    article: <a href="">google</a>
  • Good news is it seems to only affect Test mode as I did a run and none of the urls had an issue.
  • SvenSven
    fixed in upcoming version (though only a test issue).
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