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Outboundlinks filter

@Sven There is a filter for max outbound links obl.. Can you plz also add a filter for min obl ? 


  • SER should skip all sites while submitting links if they have obl links less than the filter set and links should be submitted only on the sites with obl greater than the filter
  • SvenSven
    What use would that be?
  • I am spamming some tiers and want only to use links that have high bound links so that my low obl list will remain safe . I known its awkward :3
  • @Sven Please add this request . Thanks 
  • This can be usefull in the future
  • SvenSven
    for negative SEO I guess...something I don'T like and will not support.
  • @sven Indeed its bad thing to do... also keep in mind if you do negative seo and the person who own the domain will submit the backlinks into disalow tool then guess who will get hurt at the end?:)

    Maybe you got a point and this should not be added poeple may use it like that
  • @Sven. Neg seo can be done by negative keywords. I am talking about tiers and buffer sites link building and not negative seo :( You understood it wrong
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