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Working Gscraper Version

Does anyone have working version of Gscraper?

It would be of great help.
Latest version seems to be broken.


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  • Thanks. Yes I came across that thread while looking for working version.

    Thats the reason I open this thread because gscraper support is so slow to respond. Hopefull someone has working version we can share.
  • I dont think any versions are working, or we would be using them.
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp
    Have you tried version
  • edited July 2015
    @andrzejek so far its working for me...
    =D> =D> Thanks
  • what speeds are you getting with that version jpvr?
  • All versions 1.3.0.X are not working because search engine update. All 1.3.0.X versions wont work till Gscraper update.
    Version is working, but nothing special.

    I get right now 25k lpm with 2.5k alive google passed proxies so nothing special. Maybe i could get better LPM but i dont want to burn these proxies.
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