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v9.96 is Awesome

@Sven whatever you've done it's worked. My filtering server is running at 125lpm, usually it's been 20lpm as I use footprints that slow things down a lot.

My posting servers are running at crazy LPMs.

Thank you.


  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    edited July 2015
    Yeah it seems really great at my side as well : )

    VPM keeps on increasing now:

  • Mines fast as too, however, gscraper broke on last update. Have to wait for a fix meow.
  • @JudderMan can you please share the full version of 9.96, i am running on 9.42 which many here believe gets more contextuals.
  • Can you not just update it yourself? If you can't do that, then I don't think you have a legitimate license...
  • It should have an update available button on the bottom right**. I would be surprised if people could find illegitimate downloads  of SER, its a fairly small userbase I'd say.
  • You'd be surprised. Sven has mentioned it a few times.
  • Well there are a lot of dicks in this industry, blackhatworld is literally the desperate cesspool of the internet
  • Haha, that's for sure. I got a 2 year ban from that place for speaking my mind :)
  • @JudderMan, the version you are talking about is 9.96 now it is 9.97 cant find the link for 9.96. Btw, i think no one can crack this software, you were rude to me saying that i dont have a valid copy. 
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp Please read into the post before you start opening your mouth (:. I am using 9.42 version which is best for contextual links even Ron of says that, he was the one who shared that version with me. 

    I think you and the op do not know that Sven does not provide downloads for older versions. And the current version is 9.97 not 9.96 so i thought some one would share it so that i can run it and get more contextuals.
  • You have shortcut to gsa "previous version" if not then check in folder where gsa is installed
  • Fair enough, I didn't know as I just update when a new one comes out as it's usually always better, if it's not then I (and others) shout up and Sven makes another change to make it better. I've been around since 3.xx and it's just simply got better and better, with a few minor wobbles along the way.
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