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POP 3 ERR - Message Not Found - It's Gone

What does this mean? The email hasn't been found/has been deleted? Why?

I delete emails after 5 days, but I verify my links once a day. I haven't changed anything, but it seems that the verification hasn't worked. I have swapped emails now, but still getting this problem in less than two days. I have stopped the 'delete after 5 days thing' now, but still getting this problem.

Am I missing something else? I can't figure it out. I have 100ks of links submitted and can't verify them [angry face]


  • SvenSven
    This error message is from the pop3 server, has nothing to do with SER itself. I can not really help you on this.
  • No problem thanks for the quick reply Sven :)
  • U use same emails for every project?
  • @BigGupsHuhWelp same catch all email accounts from SEOSpartans. I have 5 separate catch alls so probably a few 1000 emails in reality. If they get flagged I can change them.
  • Umm, probably want to use different emails per project that way theyre not being queried at the same time causing error- idk, up to you
  • Hmm, been using them for over a year now and had no problems running 4-5 servers 24/7, running lists and/or scraping/posting. Only recently I've had this error message pop up. I've swapped them now through SEOSpartans and all seems to be well apart from those few 100k that were submitted on the old emails can't get verified now.
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