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One button for deleting cache\history\accounts

rubinsteinrubinstein Ukraine
edited July 2015 in Feature Requests
Hi. Sven, can you add fast-button to the main menu for fast simultaneous deleting target cache\history\unused accounts?


  • and submitted + verified ?
  • rubinsteinrubinstein Ukraine
    edited July 2015
    andrzejek, yes! it would be great
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2015
    Well you can just duplicate a project "Just Data/Options" and results are the same.
  • thanks, it works! but i have to add articles again
  • strange, they should be added by default
  • oh, sorry they add too). first time i thought that i have articles in the project list) but i didnt. thank you so much!
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