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Proxy Module Not Working Properly


i just update to GSA SER v9.95,

how ever proxy module here is not good even worst,

what's happening is when gsa ser is testing proxies it works, but when proxies testing about to finish and proxy scraping and testing running in background as current proxies list are about to finish test alll public proxies r turned as non working.

Sorry for my bad english,


I click gsa ser to "scrape proxies + test" (I have My Own Custom 250 Resources i am using since months)
It found 35,000 approx proxies,

it started testing,

4000 were good live proxies soo far,

as soon as it finishes proxies testing, it is turning working proxy count to 1

please fix

other issue: with solid proxies API also, proxies not working i need to restart gsa ser for that!

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well nothing really changed on the proxy part. SolidSEO API should be fine as well!?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    You set it up to export only private proxies. SolidProxies however are not exported at all as they are temporary and change.


  • @Sven yes u r right,,

    how can i fix this but?

    solidseo aip working fine..

    problem is with only public proxies still.. i planned to backup and restore will let u know if that works
  • @Sven
    i guess i find bug.

    see current settings.. all working fine,..

    BUT BUT!!!!
    but when i check "Automatically export working proxies to file" and select "Private"
    then error comes as i described above!!!!! Oops!

    My private proxies source is SOLIDPROXIES API.

    now your turn haa haa.. test and let me know.. Please help!

    also see this time i have "3197" working proxies! As i unchecked that option! to export automatic one!

    Otherwise that working public proxies count was resetting to "1" as test use to finish . oops!

    is this bug? let me know!
    please help!

    i tried reinstalling GSA SER without uninstalling it :)
  • @Sven okey!
    but it is good if u enable it, whenever it refresh. export them again hehe,

    good to feed other bot also!

    thanks a lot
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