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ISP Issue: Source has attempted the following botnet activity: URL Redirection Spam Link Bot

I run SER from my home IP and I recently got a message from my ISP that Webiron (a server protection solution designed to help administrators,
enterprises and hosting services secure their end points and reduce SOC
resources.) informed them that my IP was used for the following purpose:

"Issue: Source has attempted the following botnet activity: URL Redirection Spam Link Bot"

I was using proxies(buyproxies) for submission, but other than that used my regular IP. What other options would have to be switched on so that my IP would not "leak"? Am I correct that "skip for identification" should be unchecked (it was checked last time)? What about PR checking? PR checking doesn't really visit the website if I am correct but rather interacts with google, so it should not trigger a message like "URL Redirection Spam Link Bot".

Any advice would be appreciated. Regards

Edit: Here are my current settings in case anyone wants to comment


  • Same message with hetzner and 0 proxies.
  • I've gotten a few complaints as well.  Some hosts ignore them and I have another one who is going to cancel me for them.  I had "skip for identification" ticked on the first complaint and the second complaint was when I was scanning verifieds for targets without proxies.

    Anybody else getting these?  If so, what have you done to stop them?
  • Buy offshore&bulletproof server and you wont hear about such abuse messages.
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    even though you are using the proxies for submission your ISP can still monitor all of your internet activity. They ARE monitoring you, that is why you received that message. You can stop this monitoring with SSH tunneling, or using a good VPN to connect to the internet that will encrypt your traffic from your network to the VPN. Simply turn the VPN on and go about your business with your SEO tools. This should not replace your proxies, however.

    If you are in mass spam mode, you may need to get a VPS, because the VPN provider may ban your account for using too much resources.

    That should put a stop to the ISP monitoring for bots. Or just do what others said. get a VPS that doesnt care.
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