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Competitor Analysis Feedback - Multiple Backlinks From Same Domain

I keyword that I want to target has a site that is ranking number one with about 250,000 backlinks but these backlinks are coming from only 400 domains.  When I checked the sites that are backlinking to this site they are linked in a side bar that is located on each and every page on their site.  This is the case with multiple websites that are linking back.  My question is receiving multiple backlinks from the same domain will they all be valued the same? Will 1,000 backlinks from the same domain carry the same weight if these backlinks were from different domains? Or does the value of a link decline multiple links are coming from the same domain.  Everyone is welcome to make suggestions and state their opinions.

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  • Does anyone have an opinion on this ?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Depending on the TF/CF/PA of those inner pages, the most vague answer to your question just depends.

    Personally, I don't like multiple links from one site. I always (in my head) count it as one link that is probably relevant and the rest aren't. However, if you have a link from the BBC/MoneySavingExpert on lots of pages the likelihood is that you're getting relevant links which would be a bonus. I always look at sidebar/footer links as paid/injected links that are usually bad and gonna get slapped soon. Unless it's a web design site that has footer links, then they get away with it.

    Best to just get more links from more domains.

     Vague yes, but way too many variables to give you a better answer.
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    As above, it really depends. 

    Sitewide links will still work towards ranking your site, but it IS risky, although less so if they're branded anchors in the footer like web designers do.

    A lot depends on your domain authority and link profile though, but if your entire profile is made up of such links then you're really crusin' for a brusin'. The niche you're in will also have a bearing on the level of risk.

    With regards to multiple links from the same domain, in the case of PBNs / Feeders, you can get away with having a few from different pages on each site (targeting different pages on your MS) and still get a nice boost in the SERPs. Or at least that's been my experience, anyway.

  • I had another keyword that I am targeting that has medium to high (3-12 years) domain age in the top 10.  There are about 4 homepage URL's in the top 10 with the rest authority domains with sub pages such as yellowpages, bbb, and indeed.

    My websites age is about 1.5 - 2 years.  Will the domain age play a big factor or will I be able to beat there domains with a stronger backlink profile alone with good on-page SEO?  When I checked the homepage URL's the top URL had backlinks from bbb while some other homepages had a few backlinks pointing to them (less than 5).  The sub pages off yellowpages, bbb, and indeed in the top 10 had little or no backlinks pointing to them (0-3 backlinks).  I believe these are just ranking due to the overall authority of the domain.  Should I be able to beat these domains with a stronger backlink profile?

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  • Yeah sounds like you should be able to beat them. Age and authority are all well and good to a point, but a good link profile can usually beat that within a few weeks. I've ranked many crappy domains above wiki/amazon/high auth sites with not much content (one pagers usually, even now) but a good link profile.
  • JudderMan when you say, you beat those authority sites within just a few weeks.
    Did you use GSA ser for building your links or another source?
    please let me know, heard a lot of people saying GSA is bad for their 1 linking. 
  • @snoweye I sometimes use SER direct at my money site, depends if I care about it or not. I change all default settings/content/everything so there shouldn't be a footprint, but most people tend to blast with SER straight out of the box so there is a footprint that is easy to see. 

    Spend time on the money site, making it look good (or not in my case), has perfect on-page SEO and plenty of content and TBH I see some of my sites rank well with just SER contextual links. I do use Ranker X for T1 now and handwritten blogger/blogspot/aged tumblr accounts but for some clients that don't pay much I just use SER. I blast their aged and best links as well as social pages and sort out their on-page across the whole site. Once they see some traction in a few weeks, I tend to upsell them onto a higher SEO package/high authority links.

    SER is a tool like a hammer. Too hard and you'll bend a nail (penalty in SERPs), too soft and you won't get anywhere, holding the nail at the top (bad on-page) will result in a sore thumb/messed up link profile that will take weeks/months to get better.

    Start with a spare domain, test on it. Try it again on another with WordPress/Joomla/HTML whatever. Different content, tweak on-page, try again. If you find something that works, keep doing it. If you don't move on to the next idea. Best thing to do is to build a web 2.0 and try and rank it. If it works, add a link to your money site. Mess about with everything in SER until it makes sense to you. Test, test, test. 
  • Thank you JudderMan, i think i have to test things myself. and find out what works, will keep you updated.
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