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Using 7 (Multiple) Popular Indexing Service for your Backlinks ? Fruitful?

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Guys... What do you think of sending your URLs to 7 popular indexing services at a time? (InstantLinkIndexer, ExpressIndexer, IcredibleIndexer, Lindexed, OneHourIndexing, Indexification, LinkProcessor etc.)?? 

Will this make even a slight difference?

What are your opinion in this regard?


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    I'm about to try doing this for indexing (see link below).  If it works It will save you money as well in indexing services.  what do you think about this?

  • Better make an additional tier for your backlinks + Index that tier and your backlinks.
  • shaunshaun
    I honestly think its a total waste of money and resources.

    I have used Instant Link Indexer in the past and they used to be great but they freely admit their method has been patched out so I moved to Express Indexer and love it, getting around 70% index rate on SER Contextual spam after two weeks,

    I have also tried Lindexed, Indexification, One Hour Indexing and Linkilicious. They were all terrible, 100% waste of money in my honest opinion and I would recommend you stay well clear.

    I have not used incredible indexer but hear good things, also I have not used Link Processor or heard anything about them so cant comment on them.
  • GSA has an indexer too, you know that it's pretty good then.
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