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Memory Leak? GSA Froze on VPS overnight.

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Just noticing on this version that the memory usage slowly creeps up and up over time.

I am running on scheduler 5 projects at 30 minutes each.

What does GSA hold in memory that would cause it to creep up like that.

I ask as for the first time last night GSA froze and was left all night locked up till discovered until morning on my VPS.

I am wondering if there is a need for an external program to shut it down and reboot it daily every 6 hours or so?

@LeeG how do you work with such things?
I know you are on a VPS and have had freezes as well.
What tools do you use for rebooting a program at specific times to get around freeze issues?



  • Do you use Public proxies ? I noticed that latest version of GSA SER is always freezing when I use public proxies on high thread count. When I use private proxies it works ok. I'm not sure something is wrong with SER maybe it's an issue at my end.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    When I reboot, I stop ser, followed by indexer and when its finished stopping, cb

    Reboot the vps, have a smoke while that happens and then start everything again.

    Dont ask why, but I always reboot after every update. For some reason, there seems to be more of a kick added to any updates that way


    I have reported a bug today, which has caused ser to hang on stopping

    Luckily its not one of my bug reports that happens once in 50k submissions

  • @LeeG

    Good to know. I will try this.
  • Hi Mamadou, no I am on 60 private proxies. I might have to just monitor it a bit closer and reboot manually like you are doing LeeG. Thanks
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