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Reducing RAM & Sharing Articles

Instead of importing e.g. 250x of the same spun articles into each tier within a 4tier + subtier projects is there an easy way for the project to just pull an article out of a directory? I can only assume having 2000 articles (8x250) held in GSA is probably increasing the RAM usage a lot? 
So just in every project under the article it would pull RANDOM already spun article from the 250 available in  %dir% ?
Would this even decrease RAM usage at all? I'm curious what are the best ways to reduce ram usage, with the exception of scheduling projects, deduping files etc?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Yes, using a macro to pull content would be better than loading it all into SER. You can see the different macro's here:

    spinfolder, spinfile, etc.
  • DaveDave United Kingdom
    Thanks for the reply S4nt0s, I read through the article previously but couldn't really find a definitive way of how it would be setup, for example is it possible with a macro to pull the first line of the text file and use it as the title, rather than using a generic titlespun macro with keywords.
    I figure i could have a different folder for "...\article_titles\%" but I would have to manually split all the articles up to do this?

    My understanding of it would be as follow as a setup:
    Just unsure really what to put in the title box, barring a completely seperate folder for titles only and using a similar macro to whats in the body section.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited July 2015
    Hmm, you could probably try the macro: %first_sentence-<varname>% to grab the first sentence from the files

    Example: %first_sentence-C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Articles%

    The folder "Articles" on my desktop contains the article .txt files.

    That should grab the first sentence from the .txt files in the folder. 
  • DaveDave United Kingdom
    Almost but it didn't seem to play ball, as in the articles the first line was the title, and the second was the entire article, I ended up doing some macros with N++ and just split them, slightly time consuming but the macros saved a lot of it.
    Any chance of a macro for %first_line-C:\etc\etc\articles\% for pulling a title @sven ?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Hmm, ya @sven could answer this better than me. 

    I usually have mine split up like title1.txt, title2.txt + body1.txt, body2.txt and it automatically matches the  proper title with the article if you name them like that. :/

  • SvenSven
    Try %first_sentence-c:\....%
  • DaveDave United Kingdom
    @sven i did as santos also suggested it, but the output was.. how to explain it.. scrambled sort of, sometimes it would just output like 3 words or half of a sentence that made no sense like it had been cut off imdway- bearing in mind the article title spin is huge with tons of variations, although its "1 line" its probably 50+ lines or more in a standard notepad document of a heavily spun title
  • SvenSven
    It is first unspinning the content and then it takes the first sentence from it. This however should have only a certain length. Else it is cut.
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