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Fast & Easy way to replace email address


I have 20 - 25 projects, in gas.

What is the fast and easy way, to replace all the projects email address´s?


  • use popup menu in selected projects... you will see
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    edited July 2015

    If you want to replace or add emails to your existing running projects, you don't have to edit them one by one manually. There is an "easy-to-import" feature offered by GSA SER which can do this task in seconds. Here follows the steps:

    Set your projects in "Active (Verify Only)" mode:

    First you need to make sure that you don't miss the pending links waiting to be verified created through your existing emails. For this you have to select all project at once by pressing (CTRL+A) and set them "Inactive".

    Once you see all the projects get in inactive mode, you will then set them to "Active (Verify Only)" to prevent missing backlinks created through your existing emails.

    Import Catchall Emails to "Add or Replace" Exising emails in each selected Projects:

    You can then import your new catchall email(s) in GSA SER format either using "Import from Clipboard" feature or by using text file containing your list of emails.

    After then you have an option to either "Delete All Present Accounts" to replace with new ones or to add them in existing email account list.

    Then you will be promoted to specify number of emails that should be randomly spread over all selected projects:.

    That's it! Bulk importing of emails has been down now!

  • Awesome.

    A great time saver.

    Thank you
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