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How many projects per SER instance

Hey guys,

I was wondering what the limit is for the number of projects/targets I could run in a single instance of SER. I've heard some people say a limit of 20 projects per instance, others can get upwards of 80. I have a powerful dedicated system that I am running it on and opportunities to expand. Just wondering at what point does performance suffer in terms of number of projects/targets I am running.

@sven might be able to provide some assistance.


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    edited July 2015

    I run close to 300 projects on a single instance.

    You will need a decent machine to be able to do this, with at least 6gb RAM and a good CPU.

    Problems you will run into
    Slow booting
    You wont be able to do project back ups the normal way ( but there is a work around )
    Loading \ editing a project will take time to load and save.

    What you would need to do:
    Use the build in throttling. ( CPU and RAM )
    Use scheduling rotating 30 projects every 15 min.

    The good thing is once it is runing it goes well. Set nd forget it. Stop it weekly to run the updates.

    Let me know if you have specific questions about it.
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