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[Bug] - another problem with Blogtronix platform

edited January 2013 in Need Help

already asked in this thread, but will rather create new one as i want to somebody (=probably Sven) to fix it :)

I have found yet another problem
with blogtronix. It is not possible to post on several sites, i am
getting really many errors after login successful saying "unknown
submission status" and even extra submission is not working saying "no
form at all - /settings/contacts". When i log in with created
account, for example to or, i can post manually easily and even  /settings/contacts seems to work for me (i am able to manually put my url there).

Could you look at it and fix the ini file again? I am not sure how...


  • SvenSven

    no need for double posting...i got that on my to do list :/

    I hate when people raise attention with this.

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