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Got Banned by google..Pls Help

sunny093sunny093 India
edited July 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Everyone Pls Help me in this..

There is also option of index check i test my url's to google i got all the url banned .. i have 839 verified links and after going through index check the outcome it show's is 839 got banned.Pls tell me what is the issue how to recover from it...or am i doing it in a right way or not


  • Your urls didnt get banned bro.
    Your IP got banned because too many queries to google. This "ban" is not releated to links in any way.
  • Ok thanks..satyr85 for your is this any kind of warning  ..or its just a normal one...
  • Its notmal thing. If you want to check index for your links you need proxies or your server IP will be banned.
  • Sunny- you should do a bit more research on this stuff, lots of resources available on this forum.
  • satyr85 Yah i actually buy proxies from buyproxies & they are working fine...before i import them i run a test on it..& all are working fine... 
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp  Thanks for your reply.Pls share your experience on this.It would be highly appreciated 
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