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How SER selects targets question

I have noticed that when I modify my site list to only have engines I want to post to that SER has much less "no matching engine found" warning.

What I want to know is the following please:

Does SER randomly pick any URL in the sitelist, then check to see which engines are checked then attempt to post? Or does it randomly pick the URL based on the engines that are checked in the edit menu?

I have searched and can not find any answers to this but it can be important to know in order to post to more targets efficiently. Especially when not dealing with a verified list of course.

For example, If I check post to drupal article only, it should only try to fetch drupal URLs in the site list. But I feel it is randomly selecting any URL in the site list first. Then checking for the matching engine.



  • SvenSven
    As URLs are already sorted by engines, it would be a time wast not to watch from what file to take the URLs. So yes, of cours it is only taking the URLs from engines you selected in project options.
  • OK very good. Thanks,

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