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Non critical bug

SERingeSERinge Somewhere
Just to let you know of a small bug in proxy search options.
In the Proxy List window/Button Add/Edit Proxy/Sites, I have the following problem.

When I click on the left-hand-side proxy sources list and "Save Selection", the .sel is correctly saved to disk.

However, when I clear the list of proxy sources and would Load Selection, the selection is loaded ok and visible, but is not saved nor survives after closing the window with the OK. button. The next time I open the window I have no proxy sources at all.
My workaround for this is to choose "Toggle" twice from the right-click selection list :) so the problem is not so important, just to let you know.

Mit freundliechen Gruesen :)

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    Thanks a lot for this detailed bug report. I was able to fix it instantly and next version will work correctly here.


  • Hello,
    I tested this functionality today only as I needed it and it does not work as of SER version 10.20 build date 2015-11-17. Still selection not saved, toggle twice needed to preserve.
    Again, no hassle, just to let you know.

    Mit freundliechen Gruessen :)

  • SvenSven
    hmm ok hope next update fixes this finally.
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