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Indexing to nohand indexer

Hi. can you add the ability to send indexers and pings to nohands seo indexer and to nohands seo ping?

This way i will have all threads only for searching and posting.

Also, there is a problem with GSA indexer, if i turn off the program, it doesn't keep the links needed to ping so it doesn't ping the remaining links.

Sending urls to nohands seo pinger and indexer would be the best option as i cheaper and faster.



  • SvenSven
    I don't own the software and can hardly add support to it. Also it would be a bit odd adding support for a compeditor product that probably is based on ours anyway!?
  • I don't know... i believe it would be odd not to add support for third party softwares. Because some of us own them for a long time.

    I would gladly buy your softwares too, but some of them are too expensive to give it a try. the demo versions are limited and what i would care about is the results and the ability to test them for full version for a while.

    The problem with GSA indexer is that after you submit an url to indexing, it doesn't look to ping every url that is dofollow.

    maybe it does, that i couldn't see that in your description. ( didn't try it yet.

    20$ is not a big amount, so if it does pinging the submited links, i would definetly buy it.
    I tell you this, because nohands has two softwares. 1: indexer 2: pinger.
    nohands seo sends every dofollow link to indexer and then indexer sends all the links generated from indexer, to pinger.

    Do you have something like this also?

    if yes, please tell me which of your software does this so i can buy them.

    Also i mentioned that i would like to use external indexer and pinger instead the internals from GSA ser, so i can keep all the threads for searching and posting and to have two other software to ping and submit to index. 

    I bought gsa SER and sometimes don't give the same results.. so i still learn to work with it.


    I would also love that you have for your verified customers, a way to test your softwares fully for one month or so and to give them at a special price.

    My point is that for example i would be interested in "GSA Auto Website Submitter"

    I would only pay 400$ for it if its bringing my website in the first page without needing of more investment.

    Otherwise, i would pay that much, but i would pay lets say 150$. Knowing that i wouldn't pay 400, but 150, would be for you a way to take my money. i mean 150$ is better than nothing.

    And i would also be interested in paying about 70$ for "GSA Captcha Breaker" and "GSA URL Redirect PRO" for about 15$.

    I know they may worth more, but this would be something that i would afford .  

    I hope you don't get offended by my reply, i didn't ment that.

    I only worked with GSA SER and i am happy with it. is worth the money. I don't know what would directory submiter do better to improve search ranking, because its price is way higher than SER...

    Anyway... i just told you my toughts.

  • SvenSven

    Common, this prices have there reason. A lot people say it's under priced. The price for SER hasn't changed for years while I still add new engines and features all the time. Updates are free and the licenses are usually for life-time.

    I am not discussing with you discounts or lower prices. And a full version for a month is also not working. I know whats going to happen once I will give you this. People would use it and once done no longer buy it.

    I have to life from something as well. And since this is software to make money, I can not go with your arguments anyway.

    But I am fine adding support for this NoHands stuff if you have details on how to communicate with them.

  • Hi again. i didn't expected a reply so fast.


    What i ment about the prices is about affordable. I am also selling virtual things, but i have implemented a reasonable rule that in case i see customers that they simpli can't afford my products, i`ll sell them for a price that they can afford . Something is better than nothing.

    So it was a tought and not a request :).

    No need to argue about pricess or demos.

    i know this. if i use your software for a month and i happy with it, i will definetly buy. As i am a webmaster and i really need it. but you are right, there are people who would only buy these softwares to use them for their own websites and after they see their job done, they will not buy it anymore.

    but i ment that full use, only for customers who already bought something like SER. You know who they are, you know they are webmasters and ...  maybe not for free, but for a cheaper price for one month. nd i mean about the expensive softwares, those that are over 150$.


    Reharding nohands, i have no ideea on how you can link them i know nothing about this kind of programming, but i am also happy to buy your indexer too, but i also need another solution to ping for all links generated by indexer. ( only not to be a subscription methode ).

    i will buy the indexer and the redirect pro from you, as they are cheap enough to give it a try.
    But please add my e-mail address to a subscription and in case you will have limited time good offers for captcha braker and directory submiter ( auto website submiter ), i will be the first to buy :).

    As i said, i didn't ment to say that your software are not good or not worth the money, but that they are too expencive to risk the money. maybe they are good but will not get me the results i need for my customers. if i can't use them for my customers, for me is a waste of money.

    And yes, i agree that you must have incomes from them. I am sure that if you would imput a monthly fee of 2-3$, everyone would pay it. if you have at least 10.000 customers, it will worth the work.

  • SvenSven
    thanks for your understanding. Does this NoHands stuff have a demo version? I will debug that than to see if I can work something out.
  • I don't know if they have a demo version, but i can give you my licenses if you need them so that you have them as full version.

    I don't use them anymore as i don't use nohands seo since i bought gsa ser. So until you will implement the use of them in ser, i will not need them.

    Only that i see they have a problem and the passwords are not working anymore...

    if you need the licenses, please let me know and i will contact them to fix the login.

    thanks .

  • SvenSven
    I guess this would be illegal to share licenses. Sorry.
  • I see. didn't knew about that. I can ask them if they allow me. I guess is their interest to have gsa sending to nohands indexer too. is not like people would use their resourcess. i use my own proxies... etc.

  • SvenSven
    sure why not.
  • Hi. i didn't received any answer from them. not even regarding the password that is not working on their website ( strange is that i used the same password to activate the softwares.

  • This is like saying walmart advertising kmart, Mcdonalds advertising burgerking. 
  • Why argue about prices of captcha breaker (let alone other software), the thing usually saves you same cost in captcha solves within the first month and it's lifetime use. Most people would still be happy paying anywhere upwards of $1000 for it considering the amount of money it saves you in the long run.

    Don't be so derp.
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