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Project active and running but not doing anything

I have a project that is active and started/running (it's the only active project right now) but it does not appear to be doing anything (the log shows no activity).

It was running fine and it still shows 100,000+ URLS that need to be submitted too, and also has 5000+ Submitted that need to be verified.

Proxies are all still active (even tested them).

I am submitting and verifying only (not scraping).

Anything else I can look at or check to see what is going on?



  • SvenSven
    do you have any limits set or scheduled posting limits (wait x minutes before first post...)?
  • Project was running fine for days, and now it seems like it is stuck!

    What specific limits should I be looking for that I might have set? As I look thru Options and the Project settings I do not notice anything that would cause it to stop/pause for an extended period.

    If I start other projects, they run fine.

  • SvenSven
    what you got in project options->scheduled posting?
  • Allow posting on same site again
    Time to wait on further regustrations 120 minutes
    Time to wait before first post 120 minutes
    Time to wait between two posts 120 minutes
    Max posts per account 5  +/-0
    Max accounts per site 5  +/-0
  • So I did the following:

    Stopped project
    Changed to Active (Verify)
    Started project
    Stopped project
    Changed to Active (Re-Verify)
    Started project
    Stopped project
    Chnaged back to Active
    Started project

    And now it seems to be running again fine.

    Not really sure what was going on!
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