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I'm imagining a category feature for projects to be expanded and collapsed into and possibly the ability to set certain options for a category such as allowing a total amount of link submission for a category per day as opposed to projects.

I'm suggesting this since I've been duplicating my projects a fair bit to increase priority for them(the priority feature doesn't seem to as marked an effect as just duping projects imo at least for me) and it's hard to control how many links are created for those projects since for whatever reason, between 10 projects one project might end up with 30k verified, another with 20k and the rest end up with 500 each.

In addition, categories would allow a lot less clutter when I dupe projects and allow for large amounts of projects to be better managed if they can be expanded and collapsed. I'm at around 90 projects right now total and I much preferred it when I had 10 since it was much less confusing.

Ofc if there's a category feature already that I just somehow never noticed.. I am about to feel extremely awkward. Oh well.


  • SvenSven
    With category you do not mean the input field when editing a project (usually used when submitting to directory engines)? If you mean that projects are sorted by groups, then you can do that already using right click on them->modify->move to group
  • And.. I now feel incredibly silly. Never noticed at all that there were groups.. Thank you :)
  • SvenSven
    np ;)
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