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GSA SER New Feature Suggestion - FOLDERS


I noticed that when using GSA SER and if you have a lot of projects it is very hard to stay organized.  New new feature, if possible to implement, I would like to have is folders.  It would be best if the system worked as such: we have folders and each project would be considered a file.  We can create new folders and add new files to it.  The system would be similar to having folders on your desktop in which we can put files in.  It would benefit all the users of GSA SER stay organized, especially if they have many projects.  I am not too sure how hard this would be to impletment on @Sven part.  If it would not be to difficult to add into a new version of SER, I would definitely like to see this feature.

I would also like the input of other users and see what they think of this feature?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You can already do that but instead of folders its called groups. To use groups you caan right click on project > modify project > move to group > new. 

    Then you can move the projects to whatever group you choose.
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