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GSA SER Crashing

mirenmiren Macedonia
edited January 2013 in Need Help
The new version of GSA SER is not responding after some time. Is this problem just with me?


  • May be unrelated, but when I use the Blogtronix engine mine will freeze up. If you're using it, try unchecking it and see if it still freezes.
  • ronron
    @indylinks - Funny you said that...I deselected Blogtronix across all projects because I caught SER gagging on that platform down to zero threads.
  • Hmm,  Yeah I had noticed this too.  I actually had to use the old version 4.99 cause I had noticed it crashing all the time.
  • SvenSven
    Can't be the result of the last version really or cuz of a single engine. How does the crash look like?
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @Sven If you want I can send you login information from my server so you can  take a look
  • @Sven, I've had this problem since the Blogtronix engine was added. Generally, SER goes down to zero threads and gets stuck. I hadn't tried it again till the other day, but it happened again 2 more times. It takes a few hours of running for it to appear. After disabling it, no problems.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    I have tried disabling Blogtronix and still the same problem with SER. It freezes after some time.
  • @indylinks , well spotted if that is the cause.

    I've had a similar issue recently when running just 10 projects, and couldn't work out why. The problem would normally crop up within an hour or so of me starting the projects.

    Yesterday, i changed the platforms i was posting to (bloxtronix was one of many deselected), and have now been running 30 projects for the last 12 hours so far without any issue at all.
  • Anytime I select the new "only use if PR is" checkbox it seems to crash after a short while. If I run without it checked, it seems to run fine.
  • SvenSven
    ok found the issue...fixed in upcoming version. It was the new "Use PR" thing from the captcha system.
  • I have had two crashes in the last 9 hours and I haven't used the 'Use PR' option.

    Haven't had a crash in weeks so I'm not complaining! 

  • @Brumnick same for me, i don't use the PR option either and still had the crash.

    Infact, just done a test earlier. I selected all platforms, and ran projects. They began to deactivate themselves within the hour.

    I unticked the platform 'Blogtronix' only, and the projects have been running fine for the last 3 hours......
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