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NEW Web2.0 Account Creator - Tailored For FCS Accounts - BETA TESTERS

edited July 2015 in Buy / Sell / Trade
I mentioned a LONG time ago that a web2.0 account was in the workings... well, it's finally here! Current account creator details:

  • Entirely socket-based, even on 'javascript' sites.
  • Run 600+ threads... yes, if you have enough proxies you can make thousands of accounts a minute
  • Supports Wordpress, Jimdo, Shutterfly. More added weekly, along with maintaining the current ones.
  • Supports spintax to create mass accounts, or tell it exactly what subdomain to create and what title to use for the site
  • No email worries - we have integrated an API with our Yahoo email service. We charge for these Yahoo emails at - so you will need BIMs to use the software.

This software is NOT for the light-hearted users. This software is solely intended to MASS create many many web2.0 accounts (mostly to be imported into FCS). That being said, if I let in too many people into this powerful software, websites would start implementing anti-spam tactics on the first day. This means, access to the software will be limited to only a handful of people. The price will start at around $30-$50/mo, and grow as more sites are added and maintained.

If you fit the criteria above, please send me a PM with your interest to beta test for free. Please explain how you consider yourself a power user and why you would pay such a monthly fee for this software.



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