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Recursive Mode? How do i use this - Same as tiering? only experience seos thanks.


linkedseo  I want to use (10) 301 redirects that link to my web2.0 and then the high quality Web 2.0  links to my money site. How can I add the 3rd tier of 301 directs that I want to link to the 2nd tier of (10) redirects urls?  I want to then blast the 3rd tier of 301 redirects with gsa spam links.

For the questions below, please understand I'm counting my first tier as a Web 2.0 for extra protection to my money site.

1. Is there a way to make all redirects I'm using proxies.  Is this something I need to do or do all the other shortners work well?  I guess I'm confused how these pass link juice?  Aren't most of these shortners "no follow links"?

2. Should my 10 (2nd tier) redirects be higher PR redirects than the 3rd tier of redirects?  If, so how can I do that in Redirect Pro?

3. So to be able to accomplish the above strategy.  Do I just use Recursive Mode x1 or x2?  I'm thinking its recursive mode x2.  the only question is how do know what 301 redirects are the 10 tier 2 redirects I need when Redirect Pro software stops running? 

I really would appreciate you guidance on this and thank everyone in advance for there answers.


  • SvenSven

    1. You can use a lot filters in the program to e.g. only use or with certain PR or only 301 redirects.

    2. the program has a filter for PR...however what PR is better for what tier is a SEO related question that I leave to answer for others

    3. I would not use that mode at all. It's a redirect going to another redirect and then to your entered URL. That will of course produce many many links. Usually not required.

  • Sven            So I just would enter my Web2.0 Url into Redirect Pro and just let it go?  Isn't that going to build to many 301 directs to the Web2.0 site?  Should I just use 10 of the redirect urls>import into GSA search ranker>then spam the 10 rediercts?

    1. So it looks like          Gsa Ser Links>Ten 301 Redirects>Web2.0>Money site ?

    2.  So why not tier it with recursive mode?  Wont that add extra filtering and protection for penalties going through to the web2.0 or money site?

    Thanks in advance.

  • SvenSven

    1. correct

    2. your choice yes.

  • Sven I don't understand?  I added the url into redirect pro, clicked recursive x2, then let the program run and I have like 2500 links going to the url.  How do I get redirect pro to start building the second tier that links to the first tier of URL shortners?  Do I have to select multiple urls function to be able to tiers or single or what?  This really is confusing?  Thanks in advance for your help on this. 
  • SvenSven

    no, you already have the list of URLs here. They are both



    in that same list.

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