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Improve engines identification

Hi there i would like to identify engines in additional step:

modify url=%targethost%/plugindirectory
page must have=/javascript/plugindirectory.php

i can do it in register step1 but i think this can be problematic? when importing accounts or using few engines like that in 1 project.

What's best solution for that?


  • SvenSven
    but that would mean that if you have this engine checked, it would need to do this step for every URL in the target list. Not that practical.
  • Any other ideas how to handle that?
  • SvenSven

    sorry no, you have to import the target urls with that special path i guess or with the engine as paramter itself using 


  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2015
    Can that be possible in platform identifier then? Ill buy it
    I am looking for a solution beacuse modyfing urls manually is not best...
  • @sven i can't edit my previous post

    Or maybe option here in some kind of "debug mode" check in gsa config files so typical users wont check this just to try: "follow first step in engine.ini" :

  • SvenSven
    naw thats all not a good solution sorry.
  • SvenSven
    what kind of engine is that anyway?
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2015
    a lot of engines... and a lot of domains... lets say 100 milion domains for example,

    i need to take a and do:

    modify url=%targethost%/mode1
    page must have1=mode1_1

    modify url=%targethost%/mode2
    page must have2=mode2_2

    modify url=...


    then save to files based on identification.
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