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Some feature requests if possible

When I import ser files or project backup files, there is no completion message popup that can tell me that whether it has been restored completely or not. Please add an ok message when ser file has been completely restored.
I have save some engines selections for my projects. If I want to import target urls to the project from another project of only the engines that are selected, how can I do that ?
If I am viewing verified urls of a project and want to select only the urls of the engine selection that I have made in my projects, how can I do that ?
@Sven I have tried to explain it. Hope you can understand it. I am sorry if I am unable to explain. Thanks


  • SvenSven

    message after restore is added in next update.


    next version has a query to choose engines for import urls from projects


    next version will only pre-check the engines what are currently choosen when right clciking on the box->select->engines...

  • THanks alot @Sven
    One more thing importing verified urls to project is very slow. Can you plz look into it  or if there cant be done anything for this problem then plz atleast let user use gsa ser while verified urls are importing in project. Thanks again
  • SvenSven
    speeding this up is not really working. How many urls are that for you?
  • @Sven I think the csv file has about 1-2 lakh verified links.
    Atleast while gsa is importing these links , let the user create projects and manage them.

    If I am importing target url or verified urls from other projects, I have to select one bu one each project. Please also add some Multiple or togle selection menus there. Thanks
  • One more request please. Is there any way I can clean my lists from urls that can contains bad words or selected words in either url or on page ? Just like the feature in option. I want to do that for complete list, so that those urls will not have to be checked each time I run projects.
  • SvenSven
    this checking is done anyway. you are not improving speed with it
  • @Sven I have some links from same domains. Each link is on different page of the domain. One of those links contains neg words or bad words. If I run duplicate remover then which link will be removed ? that one with the neg word or that one with normal keywords ? The domain belongs to the engines which creates a new page.
  • SvenSven
    I guess thats random or depends on the url which is used first.
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