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Strange : VPS Suspended due to Email Spam Reason.

I use semi-private proxies from Buyproxies for submitting only. All the rest is handled by public proxies. I only use GSA SER, CB and Indexer on my VPS and I have no idea if GSA SER can send email SPam. My VPS provider suspended me for the reason : Email SPAM.

How does SER send email SPAM ? I need help in this matter so that I can continue using this tool on my VPS. The VPS provider also told me to blovck the Email port(s) on my Firewall in order to prevent sending emails.

Need @sven to look in to it a.s.a.p to tell me what setting is causing this issue,


  • SvenSven
    SER is not sending emails at all!?
  • That is exactly what I told the VPS provider but they say my tool does send Email SPam.

    Can I forward you the email log they sent me ?
  • SvenSven
    yes send that in pm
  • It looks like the VPS was infected with a backdoor that was sending spam.

    I never thought of setting up a protection utility for that.

    Kindly close this as resolved.
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    next time block outbound port 25, 465 and 587 on your windows firewall.
  • was the vps infection on their end or yours?
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