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301 OR PBN Style?

I'm interested in finding out what i should in my situation.

I have a (Money Site)

I have couple different website domains I have purchased with a decent DA = 20+ | PA = 20+ I have about 4-5 of these pointing to my money site. Now I want to know if i should do it PBN style where i have already setup like this. I have created these sites with their Wordpress Themes they look legit. I have an article and my niche keyword is there linking to money site, and i also have it blasting backlinks creating Dofollow and nofollow links. 

Should i stick to this method or should i just do a 301 Redirect with blasted backlinks? I want to fucking skyrocket my SERP

Also my KW is about 6K Searches and I am ranked in page 2.
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