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Few questions before purchase

Hey, I am kinda new to SEO, never realy done it before.. Anyhow, I have website/blog thats 6 months old currently, and has 100+ unique 1000 word articles on it, all manually written. Now I want to rank those articles, and have a few questions.

1. What kind of links should I do for tier 1? Would articles and web 2.0 profiles be enough?
2. Should I get for articles and web  2.0 profiles?

3. My plan is to buy 1 article for each entry on my money site(blog), total 100, and then manually spin each one like Matthew Woodward explains to do here: Click . Would that be a good thing  to do?

4. I would drip feed no more than 5 submited links a day for each of my blog posts, and increase that number by few every few weeks?

5. For tier 2 I would build 10 links for every one tier 1 backlink, and then for tier 3 I'd build 10 again for every tier 2 backlink.. that would be ok?

6. How many hotmail accounts should i use for each project? each project being posting backlinks to ONE of my blog posts?

7. How many proxies total if I run with 100 threads, or maybe 200 threads?

Thanks so much in advance for all your help. I know I am noob at SEO, but I realy do hope I will learn alot. :)


  • miqromiqro slovenia
    Someone can please help me out? :(

  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    Make yourself familiar with the forum and the search function on the site.
    GSA got great seo software, but they are not easy to get accustomed to.
    So go ahead and read some threads.
  • miqromiqro slovenia
    I've read so many threads already, I just wanna make sure if my plan is good, and get some answers. :)
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    The GSA Has many Great function, i have bought mainly ALL of the GSA softwares. If you want to buy oneclick seo software, than not the GSA is your choice, because the GSA has mainly unlimited functions, and settings. In my opinion, the GSA is the best what you can buy on the market, but there are many basic things, what you must understand if you start to use the GSA. @gsa8mycows right, use the forum search, to read more about the GSA
  • miqromiqro slovenia
    Thats the thing.. I did read a TON already.. I just need a few questions answered :(
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    Look, there is no step by step tutorial to success. Everybody who buy gsa product use it in unique way, and different. So there is no best answer for your questions. But i answer for your questions:

    1. You can do any link what you want. There is a lot of topic in "tier 1" topic in gsa forum. There is no how to do it tutorial in tier 1 to make seuccess, because its not an exact science. You can experiment, what is the best for you (or read, read and read many techniques, and you can made your unique technique)

    2. The Serengines is implemented in the GSA SER, so there is an option to use it.

    3. You can buy, write, harvest, or spin the articles, its your choice what will you do. My Opinion, try it all, after you can made a decision, that what is the best for you. But, please note, that the 100% manually wrote (not spinned, and not harvested) relevant content gramatically correct and 100% unique content is the killer choice!

    4. You can made any links what you want. If you buy GSA you can made unlimited links (you can test it, how many is the best for you, or read, read and read)

    5. The link building is depends on many factors. If i write you all the things, than i could write a book, because this answer is so complex to write it for you one or 2 words. Please use the google with tag to search relevant answers here in the forum. You will find thousands of answers.

    6. The how much is the best, is irrelevant. You can try, and made your own opinion.... Everyone use different types of emails, and different numbers. You must experiment it, that what is the best for you..

    7. About the how many proxies question the answer is depends on you. Because if you buy hiqh quality anonym private prixies with rotation, than 10 is enough for you. If you buy wrong, or low quality ones, than 1 million proxies is very few...

    You sad, you want to learn a lot, than please read all of the topics in gsa...
  • @NetMajom - you are right! You will have to read and test, @miqro. There is no easy answer in SEO. Test your strategies and take your own conclusions.
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