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Insert xyz random videos related to the article - Own URLs - how to insert my own video?

I have 80 articles that I forgot to insert my video embed code into. They are loaded in to a GSA SER project in the Article Manager tab.

I see there is a 'Insert xyz random videos related to the article - Own URLs' option in the Article Manager tab. 

What do I enter into the 'Enter URLs' box -

1) My Youtube video urls
2) My Youtube embed code
3) Or something else



  • SvenSven
    best would be to simply add just the youtube URLs. SER will see it's no embed code and use iframes here. But you can as well use embed code as well.
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Great! Does anyone know if youtube counts videos as embeds if they are not using Youtube's embed codes but just iframe from gsa-ser?
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