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1 copy of CB needed or 2?

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I have 2 licenses of GSA SER, and one license of CB. All installed on the same server. I thought i'd be able to install CB under the admin account, set it up as a webserver from within CB, and then both of those GSA SER's would be able to use the 1 copy of CB to deal with captchas. Have i got the wrong understanding of what the 'webserver' function means within CB? Is it possible to get the 2 copies of GSA SER working with the 1 copy of CB, or do i have to buy another copy of CB?


  • SvenSven
    You can do that of course as I made this function to also listen to the external IP for incoming stuff. But you have to be aware that anyone could use that ip/port unless you use a firewall to protect it. Also note that GSA SER is not sending the platform information to the server as every other protocol thats simulated does not have such a field. So the success rate would not be as good.
  • I've been trying to set this up but I've had no luck. I have CB installed on the host machine and on the VMs I have the host files redirected to the same IP that CB is listening on. I can check the balance correctly (9.99) but it doesn't actually receive any of the captchas so I'm pretty stumped. I'm trying to use it with SEnuke if that makes any difference.

    Anyone have any more detailed instructions on how to make CB work as a captcha server (preferably so my VPS's can access it from a completely different machine).
  • @Sven, cheers managed to get it to work. 

    I'm not sure if i HAD to do it in this way, but the way i got it setup was to:

    - Set CB as webserver
    - Select 'simulate the following captcha service'
    - Select BypassCaptcha

    Then from the other user account, i chose 'BypassCaptcha' as the captcha solver from within GSA SER.

    It seems to be performing well so far, but CB did crash over night. 
  • SvenSven
    hmm crash? did you get a bugreport window?
  • edited January 2013
    @Sven  Can't say for 100 percent. I was in a rush to go out, so quickly closed the frozen and not responding window and restarted the app. I'll take a closer look if it occurs again.
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