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[SERP SMASH SEO] Private Blog Networks & Authority Domains


  • edited June 2015

    Updated List Of Authority Domains

    Serp Smash SEO hand-picks every single Authority Domain for its Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) to 

    offer the highest quality PBN’s in the industry. The reason we are able to offer this level of quality is 

    because we implement a rigorous quality check on each and every domain before we acquire it.

    If you want to build your own PBN, here is where you can purchase Authority Domains from us. 

    These domains have been examined closely to guarantee that each has the following characteristics:

    • Clean back link profiles that are spam free guaranteed!
    • No Chinese or Russian anchors
    • High Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority
    • High Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow
    • Minimum age of 1 Year
    • Minimum PR of 1

    * Please note: After purchasing the domain we will push it to your GoDaddy account. 

    Call 1-800-326-9662 or chat via Skype with: serpsmash for any questions

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