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Creating Your Own GSA SER Site Lists -

Hi Guys,

I know how to create site lists for GSA SER using Scrapebox from watching tutorial videos but they never seem to show the complete process of importing them into GSA. What I mean is .. Whenever I create a site list and import and save it and then import it into GSA , That's where it becomes a bit sketchy? I have Attached a pic showing the stages that I am not sure off and would appreciate if someone would just clarify these stages for me.

(1) after exporting my list which I named (export-merge.txt) do I need to check any of the boxes in illustration (2) in attached pic?

(2) after the list has been imported into GSA should the list name  (export-merge.txt) be visible in the submitted folder or is it just the type and number of Url`s that will be visible  

(3) After this list has been imported into GSA will all active Campaigns be feeding of the Url`s that were added from the list.

I know some of the questions may seem stupid but but to me it`s important to be clear what I am doing and I hope the answers will help others on this forum who may be unsure as well.

Thanks for all your help in the past guys you haven't failed me yet.

Many thanks



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