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Collect URL from text file rather than import

When you have a huge project and want to import many URL to your project to link to it can take a long time and also there comes a point when you import so many URL to link to into GSA that is slows down. I am talking splogging here, big time splogging with millions of URL.

To cope with this would it be possible to:

1) Have GSA look in a text file that you specify and pick a random link from the file and use that to link to
2) For even bigger projects we would be able to have multiple text files in a folder and have GSA pick a random line from a random text file

That would mean you could handle a lot more URL than is possible at the moment.

Hopefully this is something that would be able to be looked at


  • SvenSven
    Actually there should be no issue importing really big files. The program can handle everything as it only reads 1 MB of it to the memory and processes that.
  • I think there are maybe (unless its me) still some underlying issues with large lists. When they are in and GSA is running at full speed everything is great however:

    1) on trying to import the URL I often get stuck at 3-4 million (count stops working)
    2) Once I have 3-4 million URL in there if I want to open the project up and change some settings (refresh content) it takes too long or just wont open.

    So I guess the issues is not when its running but its managing the big project
  • file links macro?
  • SvenSven
    @Producer please send me a project that loads very slowly.
  • @Sven thanks - whats the best way to provide you this?
  • SvenSven
    upload with password on rghost and send me the link in pm.
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