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Banned by Recaptcha

Hey guys, I'm getting errors "Banned by Recaptcha". What does this mean? And I'm also getting this on my Captcha Breaker. Any solutions?



  • SvenSven

    Instead of a normal Recaptcha you get sent an image with that text on it. SER itself does no analysis of images and sends it to CB. CB however knows this type and will skip it immediantly.

    The question is why do you get such image instead of a normal one?

    Answer is, you answered too many re-captcha captchas wrong. That IP or proxy IP first gets a difficult to read captcha, after some fails it gives you an even more difficult one (blobby captcha) and in the end it gives you this final one. Maybe there is a nother step not to reply at all, haven't checked it.

    The only way to get around it is you getting new proxies or proxies at all. You need to do the requests with an IP that is not on there blacklist.

  • Hello @Sven thank you for replying so promptly. Putting that aside, I have been doing all my posting without any proxies at all. I buy all my lists from the market place section here so no scraping is involved. Would you recommend me to get private proxies? If yes, how many private ones do you recommend for 700 threads? Thanks @Sven
  • SvenSven
    Oh indeed you should get proxies then. Someone said 10 proxies for 100 threads.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited June 2015
    Someone posted video here about recaptcha

    You can find info there 



  • SvenSven
    Yes but that video and the information in it is from 2012 I think. Back than there was no "banned-image" as far as I can remember. However there are indeed some interesting details to recaptcha and when they try to make it harder.
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