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Hi i added 1700 bookmarks and social profiles but im not appearing in the serp

this was 1 week ago, any ideas why im not ranking?


  • you cant expect to rank just because you build some links.

    no one can tell you why your not ranking with so little information. there so many variables that go into ranking:
    keyword competition
    onpage seo
    type of links your created
    your website age/authority/size
  • well here is the woorank on page seo factors:

    i created mostly social bookmarks and some forumprofiles
    it was social bookmarks and forum profiles

    website age is 4 mnths
  • the keyword is crochet and tejidos al crochet

    the competition is LOW O.2 in adwords, with 9900 visits per month in mexico
  • omg, there is so many things wrong...Barely no content at all.

    First build a real website and then start building backlinks.

  • well, the page i optimized was a landing page inside that domain, back in 2010 i could rank those kind of websites with other software, but maybe things have changed a lot
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