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Be careful with Proxies! Some do not hide your IP

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I wanted to give a heads up about private proxies.  Normally I would check the proxies either by using the checker in GSA SER or /and Scrapebox or websites like ipchicken.  And a few months ago I bought into the private proxy service that was being promoted (before) was only 39$ discounted for thousands of IPs rotated ......  All was good, the service was up and down, but all seemed well.  But I checked the IP that were to hide my vps ip and i was SHOCKED to see that my real ip was being shown too.

You can see yourself - check your Proxies to be sure your really not being logged with your working vps ip.  This could be how some are getting emails from their host vps services?

I have a picture of the one.  I marked out my local ip - but you see that it was there at the bottom part and it should NOT be showing.



  • yeah, I do that test sometimes do.. thanks.
  • I just bought into the buyproxy and they are really fast.  some are less than a half second. And google passed.
    I am so done with public proxies - they are just not worth it to me any longer.
  • yeah, errsy... i bought it and fuck, you are right - my ip is blacklisted :( Sven, why you promoted that service?
  • Thats funny I did not mention the company name but you got it.  It was not sven that i got the refer from. But someone else here - BUT - it was not their fault - I even recommended to 2 people before i saw my ip was being shown - it was my fault for not knowing how to check my IP.  Now each and every time my browser launches i have like 4 tabs that check my IP so this does not happen again.

    So anyone using errsy right now needs to check their ip too see if they are protected.  I know if your using only their socks connection - then i think your protected. Its the http 3128 connection that is not protected.

    Maybe errsy will fix it fast for those still using their service

  • I've been using Errsy as well - damnit - I'm listed as well. I actually brought this subject up before and one user said it could be your antivirus that attached your real IP somehow.
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