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[Beta-Tester] 65 Locations & Counting - Meet our Revolution PBN Seo Hosting

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Hi Guys,

We are giving few beta testers in public (we already did with several clients of ours) before pushing this In July.

This project we have been working on for the last year and half, We wanted to make sure that this will be something you have never seen before and different than any Seo hosting you have ever tried or any Private Blog network you ever tried or still using.

To apply for this beta test and have an access before its out in public, you need to make sure you are:

1- An active client of ours with at least 6 months of active service
2- Have at least 2 active services with us.

If these conditions meets your current account with us, Please post or PM us here and we will be happy to activate it under your account to try it

What make this Seo Hosting different than any others:
  • 1- 15000 Ips clean Class A / B & C. Giving you hassle free of sharing the same ip with an abuser.
  • 2- Create your own unique custom nameservers ( we dont force you do use massively abuse same nameserver for each location like others do, which makes it unique and offer almost no footprints as you are using your own nameservers that you can create directly from our dashboard ex. FOR EACH AND EVERY DOMAIN YOU ADD) no need to open any tickets, instantly created.
  • 3- Your own Skeleton. One click 425 installer, You can select a custom template for all your website (for example, you want each domain you create to have Wordpress installed, so you dont need to keep adding the domain first then installing it, we got you covered for this feature ) :)
  • 4- Different Whois Owner / Multiple Datacenters, Over 200 nodes all over the world, we are that confident to guarantee you ZERO FOOTPRINTS
  • and much much more....

Not only We Guarantee you, this is a one of its kind , Specially crafted and made based on a years of development based on what our clients requested, needs and what the seo market requires today to get you first page easy.

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